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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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1) "Exchange" my 32" HDTV set for a much bigger one
2) Continue (as now) to get up from the couch and go towards the TV set when we want to read the menu.

You really have the much issue seeing those from ten feet? Might be time to invest in some glasses. Or just stick with the DVD's, because you can't be seeing any of the improvements if you can't make out the words on the menu...
That's for sure. Haven't had any problems with reading the menu on the 32" of my parent's, not even on a slightly BIGGER distance!!
32" Tvs are useless for watching most blurays, I use my 32" mainly as my PC screen. I had no probs seeing the cool new menus on my 47" tv.

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There you have it: Season 3 Trailer
Man, it's amazing how suddenly modern and timeless the show looks once they switch to the collared uniforms.

It goes from looking painfully dated and 80s to something that could have been shot yesterday.
I actually thought the change in uniforms made them look like bellhops. It's the season 3-7 uniforms that I think have aged the worst out of all the Trek uniforms.

The uniforms made them look stiff, its another change (along with the music and lighting) that I think didn't do TNG any favors.
I seriously doubt that anyone agrees with you.
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