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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Watched the first two eps as well, and as before I'm completely blown away by the razor sharp picture. Seems like you can almost see MORE detail than in S1, whether it's in the actor's wrinkles or in the little scuff marks on the carpet.

As for the episodes themselves, ugh. I knew The Child was a dud, but somehow I remembered Where Silence Has Lease being a lot better than it is. But now it just feels like another one of those tedious filler episodes from S1, where the actors stand around on the bridge the whole time while random weird stuff goes on for an hour.

As for the effects, I didn't really have a problem with how the ship looked, but I do think the Nagilum cloud could have been improved a bit. It looked a bit too cheap and cartoonish against the star backdrop, and with the way it kept opening up later on.

And what was up with that Holodeck grid?? The lines were completely uneven and looked like they had been drawn by a 5 year old or something! Lol
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