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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Okay, I have a lot of respect for Ira Behr, but reading that quote on MA left me with the feeling that he doesn't quite get the complaints against this episode.
His Way is one of those episodes were either the fans love it or hate it. By definition it shouldn't work: it's a hologram/holosuite episode, it has a lot of singing, it places Odo in uncharted territory and lastly a holo-Kira sings Fever which still makes me cringe. It is totally overindulgent and perhaps more so if Nana Visitor had got her way and some kind of dance/ballet scene was introduced.

But for me it all works. At least Vic is an interesting holosuite character and the music is decent, the episode is zainy and some of the humour is really good. Towards the end I feel its becomes rather engaging and tense as first we have Odo's and Kira's disastrous date, then that final confrontation at the end.

The last scene will either having you raising your fist in the air in triumph or merely make you shrug your shoulders wondering where the last 45 minutes of your life have gone to.

It always brings a smile to my face seeing Odo and Kira kiss and it's probably ones of DS9's most endearing feel-good episodes. So I can see why Ira Behr enthuses about it so much, I do agree that this episode is a 'triumph' of sorts in how finally Odo sheds his doubts and nerves, sees the light so to speak, and gets it off with Kira (and starting my favourite pairing). But I think it's only Chimera which really starts to define this relationship and pushes beyond a mere pairing for the plot's sake.

Talking about self-indulgence, Trek episodes and anything arty which is self-indulgent either tends to be great or shunned by critics and fans. A case in point is the progressive rock band Yes and their 1973 album Tales From Topographic Oceans. It has literally cleft Yes' fan base in two over that album, I personally love the album for Yes go over the edge so to speak. So I guess self-indulgence sometimes pays off plus some brilliant ideas come of it...

Finally you cannot begin to imagine my dread when my family first saw this episode. For weeks I did not see how I could survive the potential embarrassment for it was an episode which contained everything that my family (in particular my dad) don't like about Star Trek: singing, fluff and lovey-dovey stuff. I even went to the lengths of warning them beforehand but it still didn't make it any easier viewing. When it came to holo-Kira singing Fever I have never felt so embarrassed in my life. Thank God I watched that episode beforehand so I knew what was coming.

Thankfully though my family liked it so my predictions of eternal shame turned out to be false...
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