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Re: 2012 Adventure Calendar

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Day 4: The second entry in Steven Moffat's Dalek retrospective video series. This time: "The Evil of the Daleks".

Link (No Youtube video yet.)
I'm actually surprised these vids are playable outside the UK (well, they are in Canada, anyway).

As for today's treat, I like the new pics/wallpapers. The second one would have been a good one to use as the "episode poster" artwork, since it has good shots of the Doctor and Clara, and also features the villains.

And I couldn't help but notice in that shot of the TARDIS in that pic with the Doctor & Vastra in what looks like a study, that it's showing signs of wear and tear - scrapes & dirt and such. Perhaps post-Amy the Doctor hasn't been in the mood to keep the old girl in tip-top shape.
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