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Re: I gotta vent, because this is outrageous.

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Actually, I was reading some time back that an increasing number of people postpone marriage but not children. They feel "ready" for one but not the other. Yeah, ridiculous. If you can't handle an adult, how will you handle a child?

Evidently, many young men want sex but are not interestd in marriage. You see that attitude in all the movies where the guy is 30yo but is trying to act 17.

At the same time, many young women want the big wedding they see in tv and movies, but think having a kid without some stable home life is just fine and don't want to wait to have someone in their life who loves them.

I understand this is a generalization covering only a (hopefully) small portion of the population. But it's...unsettling.

this is a media stereotype of the "wandering guy" and the "ready to settle" girl. I just recently read an article that pointed out how inaccurate it is. Yes, as an overall trend men are more likely to want many partners before settling down(for obvious biological reasons), but the vast majority of men are interested in love with one partner, and settling down with a family.

Those kinds of stereotypes annoy me, because they're usually at the service of showing the more mature or responsible woman vs. the immature guy. It's lazy, and of course it doesn't divide that neatly by gender.
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