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So, His Way is like the bad, but understandable reflex that Odo would have to pretend he's something he isn't, in order to attract Kira, and Chimera is about Odo finally not needing to pretend anymore.
That's certainly an interesting way of looking at things. It still doesn't improve His Way much, though.

The Reckoning (**)

Who are the Pah-wraiths? Over six years we've slowly learned about the Prophets and what they represent, and they appear to be a relatively neutral force that have some sort of connection to Bajor and kinda care about it in their own way, but they're not exactly a force for good. So who are the Pah-wraiths? All we really know is that they were banished from the Celestial Temple for some reason and want to return. We're never told why, we're never told whether it's a philosophical difference or some other such thing, we're never told why they want to return to the Celestial Temple, nor why it's so important to keep them out. There's an awful lot of ambiguity here and plenty of interesting angles that could be explored. Reducing this conflict to a battle between good an evil was certainly not the direction that they should have gone down.

The Reckoning will always be remembered as the episode that brought the conflict between these two entities to the fore, and many people will write it off completely for that reason. That's perfectly understandable, but the truth is that it's not all bad. The first half of the episode is decent enough and contains plenty of nods to past continuity that rewards long-time viewers, and the promise of a follow-up to the ending of Sacrifice of Angels is appealing. The episode also has a peculiar tone in that it feels like a season 2 episode and not a season 6 episode. There's Bajoran politics, weird shit happening, the wormhole is going all wibbly, and the station ends up being evacuated. These things all make me feel nostalgic for season 2 for whatever reason, and I consider that a plus for this episode.

But then Sisko breaks a stone tablet and a Prophet and Pah-wraith escape. Why did Sisko need to break the tablet, why were they incapable of escaping themselves? Nobody has a damn clue, it's just something that the writers chose to do for some reason. Then Kira and Jake get possessed and fire beams of magical light at one another. Why did the Prophets and Pah-wraits need to possess organic beings to fire beams of light at one another? Nobody has a damn clue, it's just something that the writers chose to do for some reason. It's certainly not an ability I possess, I can tell you that much. Then Kai Winn goes rogue and decides to stop the Reckoning from happening. Why does she decide to stop the Reckoning? Nobody has a damn clue, it's just yet another thing that the writers chose to do for some reason.

In summary, in this episode some important stuff happens, but it's all so random and simplistic that it lacks meaning and looks incredibly silly.

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