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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

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The problem for Scott IMO isn't that Prometheus is such an epically bad film - measured against some epically bad films as I noted with Nemesis - but rather that he has to compete against his own masterpieces and people's expectations that he produce a masterpiece every time.

Blade Runner and Aliens for many sci-fi fans [like myself] were ground breaking films by any metric. So when Prometheus came out and it had some issues people conflated that with making the film an 'epic failure,' etc.

I didn't love Prometheus - and as others have said the visuals in the film were stunning - but I didn't hate it either. But to hold Ridley Scott to crank out the same masterpieces every single time the film rolls, is IMO an unfair expectation and one that he inevitably would have failed at regardless.
Can't argue with that.
I can. This wasn't about someone who in the past has made a masterpiece and didn't live up to the bar that he set for himself. This was a poorly told story.

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