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Re: Starfleet Marine Corps

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I can't speak for the others, but I'm not arguing that there is or might be a Federation naval infantry/marine corps based on possible canon, only that there should be one based on logic.
Based on logic from what we've seen onscreen, I'm not sure I see a "should" there. The orbital capabilities of starships are shown to be so powerful and accurate, it seems quite possible that once you've won control of the orbital space, you've won everything.

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I don't particularly care for the "canon is the only thing that matters" argument, either, because in the end it's all fictional. It's all just made-up. No one part of it is really more valid than the rest except in our own minds.
Well, if you take that line of thought to its extent, it doesn't matter whether one episode completely contradicts the next, because it's all fictional.

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I personally don't think they are, sicne they don't have seperate rank structure and we've seen security officers eventually rise to command positions and indeed, engineers and security are interchangeable. Which wouldn't really make sense if they were seperate branches.
Officers seem to have a specialties which aren't interchangeable but aren't necessarily exclusive of command, Spock and Scotty being prime examples. Why couldn't security just be another specialty like science or engineering?

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But, I also don't get this attitude that pops up in this discussion all the time of "Marines can't handle security, that makes no sense." Like I said, no one complained when BSG had Marines covering all shipboard security, and Ron Moore even claimed in a DVD commentary this is how it's done in the US Navy.
Until the 1990s, USN cruisers, battleships and fleet carriers had an assigned Marine Detachment. Their shipboard duties originally included serving as gun crews as well as handling security, but after WW2 their role became largely traditional and ceremonial, and by the 1990s it was realized they would be better used elsewhere. The last carrier MarDet was reassigned in 1998.

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