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Re: Do the Homeless Get Free Medical Treatment at American Hospitals?

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It's not Universal Healthcare. Also, it's still going into effect. Your increasing costs aren't being caused by that.

I think their costs are going up because of all of the people taking advantage of "free" healthcare, and the healthcare providers jacking prices to make up for it.
Not really.
Just to be clear, I spoke about *providers* raising rates, as was alleged.

Insurers are continuing to raise rates as they have for my entire adult life.

Even on those of us with little healthcare usage & no pre-existing conditions.

I priced plans on the open market to get a ballpark figure in the event Obamacare got dumped.

I've been to the ER once in the last 15 years & go to the doctor only for the annual visit. I'm on no meds, have no pre-existing conditions.

Best price, for a minimal policy? $1250 per month.

At that rate, I'd die in my chair at the office.
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