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I understant that it wouldn't be a stratetigally best possible arrangement, but I still think it would be something Federation might do. I could easily believe Federation not expecting needing an army.
Back when it was founded, yes. By Pike's & Kirk's time, they'd have realized the necessity.
UFP is not an unified nation state but an alliance of different worlds. It's more like EU than USA. Member worlds might not like the idea of large numbers of UFP troops permanently stationed on their territory. And yes, having a permanent army would make Federation more militaristic.
By TOS, it was a lot tighter than the EU. I grew up in a military town, and I'm sure the member worlds would look on it more like the US looks at our own bases (an economic boon) than the Japanese look at our bases there - and even they want them for the money more than they resent them for the "occupation", except when a flashpoint occurs, like the recent rape. And finally, no, having a military is not militaristic. It's what you do with it. Various states and territories brandished their state troops as a threat before federal troops replaced them, which IS militaristic. Also, please remember, not all of Starfleet is made up of touchy-feely big-idea idealists, and the civilian population would be even less so. I'm a more conservative idealist, and I'm constantly disgusted by the fellow sailors who believe in revenge more than justice. "Hang Manning, kill all the terrorists in Gitmo, etc". And civilians are just as bad. "OJ was framed/ OJ shoulda been convicted the first time". Politicians may start as idealists, but over time become pragmatic, then apathetic or corrupt, and prate about ideals they don't follow, and quietly change things behind the scenes.

Oh, and NATO and UN forces kinda operate the way I suggested, and they seem to work just fine. NATO has no army, UN has no army. Their member nations have armies that occassionally perform joint operations.
Which just means that, instead of having AN army, you now need to have 150 smaller armies, a recipe for divisiveness. And now they must have a lot more wargames to practice working together - which is one reason why, in addition to often being war criminals, UN peacekeepers are useless militarily - divided chain of command, jealousies between rivals, and lack of common training and coordination.
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