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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Just watched part 1 and 2 of the "Making it So" documentary. Excellent work all around. That additional Phase II footage was incredible and I though J&G R-S gave an excellent explanation of how the writers modified the script to fit in for TNG.

Something else that hasn't been mentioned... how touching was the portion with former script supervisor Cosmo? It's amazing after all these years how much not only the cast but the crew enjoyed working on the show. I also never realized that Dennis "Danger" Madalone was the security guard who got jacked by the first Borg in engineering in "Q-Who?" I believe he was also the goofy crewman in "Lonely Among Us" who Picard told to focus his thoughts and who delivered the goofy "YES SIR!" line thereafter.

Edit: One other thing: Anyone else think to themselves what "could have been" when they interspersed certain bloopers throughout the documentaries in widescreen? Some were pretty extended scenes (one in Picard's ready room comes to mind) and widescreen would have really given the series a more modern feel if it was feasible to do for the restoration. Don't get me wrong, I understand all the reasons why they couldn't do it, but it was sort of neat to see some of the blooper footage of the ship and crew fill up all 55 inches of my tv for brief snippets of time.
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