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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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I stepped out briefly during the movie: was Silva gay or was he screwing the girl, or was he gay but such an asshole he was also screwing the girl?

And isn't the bombing on MI6, the attack during the hearing, and M's death (head of British intelligence) just one huge clusterfuck for the UK in the Bond universe? Wouldn't the mood in the nation be a mess?
As opposed to any number of other terrorist attacks that have occured in the UK?

All the attacks demonstrated esp. the one on the hearing was the need for things like MI6.
Yeah, most people went back to work the day after 7/7. In part it's down to all the IRA attacks we had to deal with.

As for Silva's sexuality. I suspect he was bi, although it's equally possible the come on to 007 was just him fucking with Bond (phychologically you understand).
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