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Re: Do the Homeless Get Free Medical Treatment at American Hospitals?

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A system I can barely afford and may soon not be able to afford. Again I ask how is that a good thing? Did you notice how the article does not address people in my situation?
Because the article is about healthy, young people. Are you either of these things?
And that's the point. ACA will screw over people like me and families with children like me.
No, it won't. You'll be eligible for insurance thru the exchanges.

As will I, when I retire at 60. And retirement at 60 means I can work the day job remotely from my farm, start my business on my farm, and produce a few jobs. Not a lot of jobs, but a few in an area that desperately needs every job it can produce.

I know quite a few people who plan to take the skills they've gained through a lifetime of working for someone else & start a business of their own. Few of us make it to 60 without a pre-existing condition that makes us uninsurable on the open market.

With a true universal healthcare system, we wouldn't be tied to those employers & would have been able to start our businesses earlier.

As for providers raising prices now... I've only heard anecdotal evidence on that. So I'll provide anecdotal evidence to the contrary: although 60 percent of our contracts are commercial & pay us on percentage of charges, we raised rates this year only on procedures where our charges were less than what Medicare pays or where the charge for a given procedure was inconsistent across the system. There's no reason a CT done in one location in a hospital system should be cheaper than the one done across the street. The patient doesn't get the choice of what scanner they're scheduled in, so charge discrepancies are unfair to the patient.
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