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Re: Aliens with one name vs. aliens with two names

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Maybe it was Jane Wyatt. I knew it was some woman closely associated with the Spock character.
Were we at the same con, perhaps? This was a Creation con (and as far as I know, Ms. Wyatt only ever did the one appearance). Leonard Nimoy and Mark Lenard were there as well.
I didn't hear it at a con; I read an article about it being said at a con. It was many years ago.

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I remember a couple of years ago, there was some big international news story involving the political leader of some Southeast Asian or Pacific country, and after giving his name, the news articles kept having to append an explanatory note that he only went by one name.
Indonesians of Javanese descent usually have only one (given) name, so you might be thinking of former president of Indonesia Suharto.
That's the one.

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I don't know about the novels, but Chakotay is human and he only uses one name.
True. But isn't Chuckles supposed to be from one of those Amer-Ind Colonies near the DMZ? It would not surprise me if they decided to throw out alot of the conventions that their ancestors had adopted from Westerners and returned to something more true to their own traditions.
But the point is that humans already have many different naming traditions, so you don't have to go to an alien planet to find people who only use one name. Or who use five or six names. Or who don't use surnames the way Westerners do.

On another note, I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the Borg and the Bynars. Borg obviously have names and they make logical sense. The Bynars, however, would seem to be problematic for outsiders.
Borg drones don't have names, because they don't have identities. They have catalog numbers like the machine parts they're reduced to.
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