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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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(Although....was the Enterprise ALWAYS firing phasers at the Borg ship from it's NACELLE struts? Seems an odd angle and not something it ever did before or since, though I'm sure I'm just mis-remembering rather than doubting the work of CBS-D )
In BOBW one of the times Picard orders Worf to "fire all phasers!" and, yes, Worf does fire from the phasers that are on the nacelle pylons.
Odd. In my (admittedly probably wrong) mental picture of the Enterprise's firing arcs It shouldn't be able to do that, those phasers are rear defenders rather than forward attackers aren't they?

If they are indeed able to do that, why don't they always do that when they need the firepower?
They certainly needed as many arrays as possible fighting the husnoc ship among many other possible scenarios
The pylon phasers have very narrow forward firing arcs but they're there. They may not be used for forward offense often because of that reason, they're not accurate and they can only fire at so many places on the target. With the Borg ship (a giant cube) with uncentralized systems where you just need to hit anything to get your shots in the firing arcs don't matter.

With other ships where you need to hit specific targets (shield generators, weapons, engines, etc.) the pylon phasers wouldn't be useful.
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