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Why don't I like Walking Dead? (Spoilers up to 3x06 at least)

Okay a question that only maybe I can answer. But this show bothers me...

I loved season 1. Wanted to watch it again, buy it all that sort of thing. Season 2 I was enjoying for quite some time - about 2/3 of it. Then all of a sudden - not even sure what particular episode it was - I started to lose interest rapidly.

I started to feel bored. The "one person has a melodramatic conversation with another person" repetitive format started to appear very transparent to me. Some of the plot points felt like they were icebergs in the season's storyline, with the narrative almost dictating what would happen soon after and like the story was on rails.

And season 3 has not got me back. Normally I love shows that kill people off... but when they do it now I just yawn. They some how seem to have made death predictable.

Rick's "I'm angry I'll kill people get covered in blood, have a moment smile then be okay" is just cliché 101 on characters being 'troubled'. It's right up there with "if someone is drinking a lot or do dangerous things they must be depressed viewers" plot point, which the likes of BSG enjoyed.

Okay, maybe I have answered my own question above... but does anyone else feel like this?

Normally I give up on shows that don't interest me anymore, but I'm holding on. Also I see it's astronomical ratings and it's clearly doing well. But can I get my interest back? I hate this sort of position... where you want to like it again, but just can't seem to do so.
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