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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I won't be watching the season 2 set tonight, and I'm pissed - at Best Buy.

They feature it in the ad, and then don't have it available at ANY stores in the metro Pittsburgh area.

It is marked as unavailable at nine - NINE - Best Buys in my area. That is ridiculous.

Plus, after striking out at my nearest Best Buy - and being told the nearest store that has it is in WEST VIRGINIA - I went to WalMart only to find it not there, either.


It's times like this I really, really miss Circuit City.
Same here. None in the Buffalo area. If I wanted to drive 50 miles out, I could pick one up. I will assume it's a distribution issue for now, and will check online again tomorrow. Should've gone with Amazon (which just gave me me "Federation: The First 150 Years" book!) but I am a Best Buy Rewards zone member, so like to rack up some points.

This at least allowed me to finish the above mentioned book tonight (very cool, indeed), but was looking around online in various forms to see if other areas were also in a TNG drought thanks to Best Buy.

By the way, first time post from a lurker. Hello, all!
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