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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Antimatter Containment Pod.
B is for Baristatic Filters.
C is for Coolant Conduits.
D is for Dilithium crystal converter assembly.
E is for Exoatmospheric radiation shielding.
F is for Flux Spectrometer.
G is for gravimetric torpedo.
H is for Heisenberg compensator.
I is for Isolinear coprocessor.
J is for Jefferies tubes.
K is for the K-Level indicator on Starfleet sickbay biobed readouts.
L is for Luna-class starship, the dedicated long-range, multi-species exploration class of the U.S.S. Titan.
K is for "Kling-uns;" how one or two characters pronounced the name in the classic TOS series.
L is for Lateral Sensor Array.
M is for Magneton scanner.
N is for Neutrino beam. Pick your flavor, coherent or tunneling.
O is for Optronic Data Relay.
P is for Phase transition coils.
Q is for Quantum discriminator.
R is for Rematerialisation subroutine.
S is for Sterilization field.
T is for Tantalus field.
U is for Umbilical structural supports.
V is for Valeris' Vaginal constriction field.
W is for Warp Plasma Primary Nacelle Injector.

V sounds painful.
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