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Re: Fantasy Casting - Companions for 11 Doctors

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Four - Romana II
Methinks this one would remain a fantasy... From what I understand, their divorce was anything but amicable. Perhaps things have changed... but...
Yeah, I know, but one can still dream? Hell, I'm still hoping Big Finish will manage to bring them together. Apparently, Lalla Ward said in a BF interview a few years ago that she was open to it (so says many people in the audio forum at GallifreyBase).

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Eleven-- Rory. (I think it would be funny if, in retrospect, Rory realized that he'd met several of the Doctor's previous incarnations before while living as the Lone Centurion. Like, when he sees the 1st Doctor, "Isn't the Maximus Pettulian, the famous Roman lyre player?")
I have to say that I really like that. Plus it would give Rory the chance to shine just a little more since I feel that Rory was always overshadowed by Amy.

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IIRC, JNT nixed Commander Maxil because he was already considering Colin Baker for the 6th Doctor and didn't want to confuse the issue by bringing Maxil back.

But then, coming back in a subsequent Time Lord story is almost never a good move. The rule seems to be that, if you come back, you eventually die or go evil. Granted, it took several times for Borusa to finally fall into the villain slot but it seems to happen to everyone if they last long enough. (IIRC, the 8th Doctor notes in "Neverland" all of the various "noble" Time Lords who inevitably fell from grace-- Borusa, Hedin, Morbius, Omega, Rassilon, etc.)
And let's not forget Flavia's and Inquisitor Darkell's turns in The Gallifrey Adventures (Or was Flavia mentioned in Neverland or Zagreus?)
I'm pretty sure Flavia was also mentioned in The Eighth Doctor's list.
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