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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Season 3 trailer looks EPIC, almost makes me want to forget season 2 completely and move straight on to the season 3 thread!

(Although....was the Enterprise ALWAYS firing phasers at the Borg ship from it's NACELLE struts? Seems an odd angle and not something it ever did before or since, though I'm sure I'm just mis-remembering rather than doubting the work of CBS-D )

Disappointing they didn't improve the flat BOP explosion in Yesterdays Enterprise though, but maybe that's just a trailer goof.
(And I look forward to seeing it AGAIN at the end of Redemption and AGAIN in RASCALS among others.... )

Back to S2, I can't believe they didn't do anything about the 2ft model.
The thing looks damn unwatchable at times. Particularly the scene in the wormhole in Time Squared....honestly, even CGI would've looked better than that debacle.
It doesn't even make sense within episode either.
The Enterprise goes from highly detailed surface textures to suddenly a wormhole appearing completely flat.
Maybe it was a 2-dimensional wormhole but the interior scenes showed no evidence of the crew being crushed inside their own quarters/ten forward nor were there any reports stating as such, so for it to suddenly appear flat and lifeless is just wrong.
I do wish they'd get EdenFX involved for these sets - their experience with the best CGI of the last three Trek series would be invaluable. Their Enterprise D model is ace, and surely they would have done well with wormholes and planets etc.
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