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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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^Again, the distinction there is in the quality of the comic relief, not the quantity. Your initial statements implied that any humor was an unwanted imposition upon something that was meant to be serious, and that's bull. The original film had plenty of comedy and was never meant to be more than a lighthearted adventure romp.
Christopher, at no time did I say or imply the original films were 100% grim, but the original films' comedic elements were incidental at best, and did not shape or lead major sequences. When the latter happens, it makes a scene pure comedy.

For example, the droids crossing a field of laser fire in A New Hope, or R2 bumping into a wall after getting overloaded on Cloud City in Empire (during the escape) are blink-and-you-missed-it moments, which is night and day to Jar-jar buffoonery throughout the Naboo fight (one of the key plots of the film), or jokey/wisecracking battledroids in the prequels and Clone Wars series, among other things, which are now more commonplace than incidental.

Star Wars is hardly some consistent series.
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