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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Season 2 Tech Update

Not much to be said here. You had Dan Curry talk about the restoration process and through it all I was kind of rolling my eyes.
Ditto. Here's the main quote from Dan Curry (I cut out the hypothetical bit about 17K and 3D):

All of us working on the restoration believe that this is how Next Generation will live in an indefinite period of time ... so we were, every artist who worked on the project believe that, and that if it means I stay an extra hour or two, if it means I stay here all night, I want each shot to be as good as we can possibly make it. There was no question about "that's good enough, oh just let that go." Every shot was approached with that same dedication to excellence.
Uh huh. Their dedication to excellence and never saying "that's good enough, just let it go" resulted in this:

But he was right. This is how season 2 will live for an indefinite period of time, and that's what sucks.
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