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The Ba'ku planet ... it was not a member of the Federation, had no representation on the Federation council, and were not subject to Federation law.
Planets don't have representation, people do.

The planet, therefore, was not subject to any decisions by the Federation.
The planet as an physical object would be subject to Council decisions, the Baku population themselves are another story. If the rings could have been harvested with no impact upon the planet's environment, likely the Baku could have been simply left where they were. The whole purpose behind moving the Baku was to prevent them from being harmed by the harvesting of the rings.

Add to that, the Ba'ku settled this planet three years before Earth's Terra Nova colony even launched, and three years after Earth discovered warp speed.
But thousands of years after some future Federation members established colonies and discovered warp speed (Vulcans). Terra Nova is a possible parallel to the ring planet, when the small number of Human colonist first landed, did that automatically mean the entire planet belonged to them? Simply because "they were there first." Planets are big places.

They might be able to claim their immediate landing site and a reasonable area around it, but the whole planet?

I don't think a 2 dimensional parcel of land with an area of 350 square miles ...
The Louisiana purchase was 828,000 square miles, New Orleans was included in the purchase.

I kind of like the idea of a Pride Parade thru the bridge
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