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Re: Thoughts on Shatner

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A pre-Trek Bill takes off his shirt in the failed "Alexander the Great" pilot.
Wow. That is a remarkable clip.

Terrible, terrible staging of the action. The pouring water masks some of the dialogue, and the steam completely obscures the great Joseph Cotten as he spearks. It's unprofessional. Shatner's forced laughter and "impetuousness" are grating.

And yet, and yet. There is something there. The interaction between Shatner & Cotten is compelling (even if you can't see it). Despite its drawbacks, the water & steam give the actors some interesting stuff to do. Shatner's gusto when the girl pours the water is eye-opening.

Warts and all, they had some raw material that they could have built a series on. Seems like it needed just a bit more work. Maybe they should have done a second pilot. ;-)
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