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Re: TNG: Silent Weapons by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

But 95% of the stuff they did wasn't really helpful towards that goal. And most of it would have been a better PRIMARY plan than what they had. Just committing to it instead of using it as a distraction, and they missed several good opportunities AND burned the android program, which was a bigger chip than the wormhole drive system.

Again, they could have just used the androids to easily steal the slipstream blueprints. Then they have propulsion specs AND the android spies. And skip about 15 other steps.

It's not a bold plan, it's a convoluted one with too many moving parts. Most of which don't make sense, alone or as part of a larger whole. The 'stupid' parts of the plan only make sense if they're intentionally stupid while leading to something. Turned out they were all just distraction, but there's a million ways to do that better, for far less cost. And as distracting as almost killing the president is, i'd imagine actually doing it would be more distracting, no? And just taking the ship out in a cloaked vessel would work without ANY of this stuff.

Just like in 24, the plan's too complicated to succeed. And most of the "that was just a distraction while the real plan was X. No, that was just a distraction, while the real plan was X" nonsense got out of control. ANY link in the chain fails,and it all falls apart. Then they burned the android program for NOTHING, and never opened up a travel lane to try and bring the wormhole ship home.

It was just disappointing because after every character pointing out how dumb the plan was, I was expecting a big reveal that showed a master plan that made sense of all the wasted subplots. Instead, they were RIGHT, it really was just a dumb plan.
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