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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
^ More than likely. Slowly integrating Vertigo into the 52'Verse like they've done already with the Wildstorm universe.
Most of Vertigo was already slowly integrated back into the main DCU. Constantine and Hunter were the last two holdouts. The rest of Vertigo such as Fables isn't owned by DC Comics.

theenglish wrote: View Post
I'd bet money it is the end of Vertigo.
They say that Berger also picked her successor so that doesn't mean the end of Vertigo yet. However Vertigo/Wildstorm really suffered from:

1) the reworking of creator contracts that WB forced on them and which helped cement Image as the biggest publisher of Independent and Creator Owned Work

2) Levitz axing Wildstorm's new direction and partnership with Garth Ennis.

Now if we are lucky, Paul Levitz will be the next one to go.
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