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Re: Why Not A Starfleet Ships Chaplain As A Main Character?

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Again, Bajorian use the word "Prophets" differently that we do, but Sisko would have to be a fool not to acknowledge that the Prophet are supernatural beings, and that they interact with Bajorians and others. Existing at all points in time simultaneously, the Prophets definitely would met the definition of prophetic. From hundred of light years away, they orchestrated Sisko own conception. Apparently after they first met him.
First, what do the wormole aliens call themselves? I agree that the Federation should use the name the aliens themselves prefer* but there is no need to use the name Bajorans prefer to call them. It's not like Feds call Romulans 'Green Blooded Traitor Dogs' even thought that would be the name Klingons might prefer them to be called.

* Granted, many alien names are probably just human names for them. Romulans probably do not call themselves Romulans.

Second, and more important point. From Federation perspective there is no such thing as 'supernatural'. This is actually the important thing I want to defend here; Star Trek should be about people who believe that everything can be (at least in theory) studied rationally. There can be things they do not yet understand, but that won't stop them from trying. Superior beings are advanced lifeworms, but they do not deserve any special reverence or worship. Q is in all intents and purposes a god, but there is no reason to worship him.

Putting some things on a pedestal and declaring them to be 'mystical' and 'beyond scientific understanding' is poison to the advanvement of a society. There were a lot of things humans in past believed to be work of gods and spirits. Luckily there were people who dared to suspect that maybe that was not actually case and decided to find out how things really work.
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