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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Just started watching some of the features and here's some thoughts, even though I haven't watched a lot.

Making it So: Part 1

I can already say this is living up to the standards set by Stardate revisited from Season 1. One thing I'm really picking up though this time around is how candid and open Rick Berman was. Like him or hate him (And man I remember the days when I first joined where he was literally the most hated man ever to be associated with Star Trek), I'm appreciating his candor here, especially when he admitted his mistake of maintaining a distance with the fans. I didn't like what he did with Star Trek in the Enterprise years, but I respect him for the good that he did do.

A lot of this part seemed to be mostly from the screening I went to last week. You had Malinda Snodgrass talking about writing Measure of a Man, Rob Bowman on how he got his start with Elementary Dear Data and Q Who? and it's just really well done.

I think the thing I like about these special features over the ones from the DVD is that they feel a whole lot more conclusive. Here I think half of season 1 was featured or clipped on, while in the DVDs they only talked about 2 or 3 episodes. I hate to use the word because it's become one of the most overused words this year, but the "Narrative" feels like it's flowing a whole lot more here. Also, the footage of Phase 2 and that segment was really really interesting as I've never really seen any Phase 2 footage before other than the Motion Picture special feature of the Director's Cut.

Reading Rainbow Segment

It's been a long time since I saw Reading Rainbow, but man this segment was awesome. You really do go behind the scenes and understand what it took to put this show together. Sometimes I feel like I learn a whole lot more if you hear it on a child's level (I feel the same way at Mass too when it's like a school mass and the Homily is targeted towards children) and it was just neat. I'm sure it's easier today (With a much bigger budget too) but I do really wonder how much this process has changed. Other than CGI, I'm not sure it's changed all that much.

Season 2 Tech Update

Not much to be said here. You had Dan Curry talk about the restoration process and through it all I was kind of rolling my eyes.

I know there were talks about Boycotting this set because of the issues involved, but I can't boycott a set that gave me more inside footage of my favorite show, really providing that Narrative from the birth of the series to it's continuing development, and the crew being able to get Diana Maulder and John De Lancie to be interviewed. I'm hoping part 2 covers more ground in terms of why Gates McFadden left (Which is what I've been hoping for) and why Diana Maulder left at the end of the season never to be heard from again. I hope they talk more about the writers strike (They even talked about Shades of Gray in Part 1) and get deeper into behind the scenes of Season 2. I know I won't be disappointed because I'm already grateful for what this crew and CBS have brought already. I keep saying it, this is what I wanted on the original DVD release.
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