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Re: VOTE | Enterprise Avatar Contest: Harbinger

latkah wrote: View Post
I thank you and bow to your knowledge of the super secret magic formula.
I live to serve.

latkah wrote: View Post
Oh and thanks for the stickiness of the topic, oh Forum Elf.
You're welcome!

How quickly they forget beautiful, terrible Galadriel. Now I'm just an elf.

Hanukkah Solo wrote: View Post
I'm surprised the TNG and DS9 avatar contests aren't more active. I don't usually participate because I don't like the way they run 'em up there. ENT avatar contests are the best!
But of course.

I shall try to enter the VOY contest when I have some spare time... which will be next year. Facing a serious calendar-making crunch here. Not to mention holiday cards and Christmas...

Little Miss Christmas wrote: View Post
jinglebellrok wrote: View Post
Miss Lemon seems to be the new Doyenne of Avatars.
According to that's a fancy way of calling me old...!
Once upon a time, I was a Queen of Avatars. (After boushh and star, of course.) I guess that means I really am old.

Thanks for the votes, btw.
"Gosh, Batman! You know everything!" ~Robin the Boy Wonder, Batman (1966-68)
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