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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I'm not a fan of the washed-out look. The Excelsior is also much grainier looking than the Enterprise. It doesn't look like they belong in the same shot.

That's more like it:

THATS what I'm talking about. (490.jpg)

When I first saw that in the sampler disc, the first thought was for once the Excelsior looks great again like it did in ST III.

It never looked good on the DVD sets.

Grain aside the problem in particular with Excelsior is that it wasn't color-corrected. (005.jpg)
Plus we know the Excelsior is not green/yellow cast. Unless it just paid a visit to that Tholian weird space territory.
What were HTV thinking?
That shot of the Excelsior-class from S2 is rubbish.
Hope it doesn`t stick out so much with its crappy lack
of color correction and grain in the actual ep.

But I sure won`t be using that S2 screencap as my wallpaper
(as I have been for months for the above shot for S1...of the Ent-D and the Hood, love that shot!!)

Thank goodness HTV-i is gone after this season!
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