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Re: Eccleston comments on 50th anniversary special return

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While I suspect he may have a vague recollection of who they were and a general sense of who they were with and what it was like to be them, I think he would have forgotten anything specific. (At the very least, that's how I explain the 5th Doctor not knowing that Borusa is the traitor despite having experienced this 3 times before.)
He didn't experience this 3 times before. Each Doctor was pulled out of time so this adventure was new to all of them.
That's kinda what I was trying to say.

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This whole discussion makes me wonder why we demand reunion specials of Doctor Who and not other franchises. How come no one's pushing for Star Trek to do "The Six Captains" come 2016?
Because it feels far less likely. Doctor Who has often been far more generous in its caving in to fan-wank-y demands than Star Trek has traditionally been (Enterprise Season 4 and "Trials & Tribble-ations" notwithstanding).

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Well, I did suggest a while ago that there was a market for a TV miniseries set after the end of DS9 and Voyager, featuring some cast from the various 24th Century shows dealing with an issue that had previously cropped up in Enterprise and TOS Movie eras featuring flashback cameo's.

Yeah, a pipe dream I know...
I'd watch it. And I'd likely find it far more satisfying than the 2009 Abrams movie. (*Grumble*Stupid mass audiences.*grumble* ) They could even do a genuine Enterprise cameo by bringing in Dr. Phlox. I don't recall ever being told how long Denobulans live.
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