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Re: THE HOBBIT (2012/2013): News, Rumors, Pics Till Release

I'm not surprised that the film is being criticized over its length. This is the same guy who took 45 minutes for the characters to arrive at Skull Island in King Kong. The fact that Jackson insists on three hour movies to bloat his massive ego does not bode well for the next two films. It worked for Lord of the Rings, that was a trilogy of books. But doing it to The Hobbit is a mistake he refuses to see.

But I have to say I'm disappointed to hear that he's CGI'd The Hobbit to death. I figured the film would at least look great. But he's apparently gone all CGI, from the Orcs to the models. In other words, he's become the thing that fanboys hate the most. George Lucas. I can't wait to read the Jackson fanboys try to bend over backwards to defend him on that one.

I am glad to hear that Martin Freeman is getting great notices for his performance. Anyone whose seen Sherlock wouldn't be surprised.

I'm still looking forward to seeing this film and hoping it will turn out all right.
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