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Re: Why Not A Starfleet Ships Chaplain As A Main Character?

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Kira is not Starfleet and Bajor not part of Federation.
But there are Bajorians in Starfleet, and we've seen them wearing the ear piece that is the emblem of their faith. Both Ensign Ro and one of the Enterprise's engineers in Insurrection. We know from Lieutenant Rahda and her bindi (TWS) that religious emblems can be worn on duty.

They had only discovered a short time ago that the prophets are actually aliens that live in a wormhole.
The Bajorians knew for tens of thousands of year that the Prophets lived in a temple, located in the passage, they just didn't know exactly where the passage was. Thanks to Sisko and Dax, now they do.

The Federation's disrespectful use of the term "wormhole aliens" doesn't effect that (when did they ever say "Vulcanoid aliens?). And the interact of people with the Prophets would affirm their faith. The destruction of the JemHadar fleet would affirm their faith.

Sisko never believed in them as prophets but aliens.
Sisko likely believes the Bajorian are aliens too. Admittedly the Bajorian use the word "Prophets" differently that we Humans do, but the indigenous name should be used. Picard never renamed a group simply because he did personally disliked their naming.

Again, Bajorian use the word "Prophets" differently that we do, but Sisko would have to be a fool not to acknowledge that the Prophet are supernatural beings, and that they interact with Bajorians and others. Existing at all points in time simultaneously, the Prophets definitely would met the definition of prophetic. From hundred of light years away, they orchestrated Sisko own conception. Apparently after they first met him.

Give them time to adjust, old generations to die, and young ones to grow up, you'd see the difference.
The first orb from the Prophets arrived thirty thousand years in Bajor's past. When is this "adjustment" going to occur?

... but Star Trek has always been about rationalism ...
No, often we have seen Star trek characters make decisions based upon emotions, intuition and personal experiences.

Why would they go to chaplain?
The confessional. Some prayers require the presence of a religious authority. Some types of prayers are lead. People would go to a Chaplain for religious ceremonies.

Some of these thing could not be done by a ship's counselor.

So they can pray to whom?
God, gods, the goddess, their ancestors, spirits. Or not praying, but engaging in devotional meditation. Or other worship. Or offerings.

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