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Re: Yesterday's Enterprise battle

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If there is just one thing I want CBS-D to add/change in the entire series - it's at the end of this Battle after Riker is killed and Picard gives his "That'll be the day", jumps back to tactical and starts hammering away at the buttons. In the original SD version, the Enterprise fires like 3 piddly phaser beams and thats it. Yes, the ship is damaged, but she's already gonna blow - I wanted to see the scene alight with phasers all towards the Klingon ships. Show areas blowing out on the Enterprise as the phasers overload or some such - nothing much, just a half second of fizzling effects. Something to make it seem like Picard has nothing left to loose and is going to do everything in his power to take out the Klingons, even if it risks his own ship. The original shot just seemed too piddly for a big finish.
Why? What would that add?

That's the problem I think Voyager and to some extent DS9 runs into, fixating too much on effects and 'splosions! Why? What's the point? What Picard is doing and why is pretty clear and has worked perfectly in that scene for 20 years now. Why change it?
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