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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

Shane Victorino, age 32 and coming out of a season in which he was no longer even able to pretend to play center and hit a stellar .255/.321/.383, will get a $4 million per year raise on a three-year contract.

Jesus, Red Sox, you do something smart with Napoli and then turn around and do something insanely moronic with Victorino. Does the team pay players extra in advance to make up for saying they're worse than AIDS when the Lucchino hatchet job runs them out of town?

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The overnight radio shows were abuzz of Arencibia for Dickey, something I'd be against.
26-year-old catcher with a career 88 OPS+, terrible allergy to walks and a love of strikeouts for a guy who can arguably be called the best pitcher in baseball over the last three years. It should be the Mets fans who get stabby at that deal, not the Jays.
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