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Replicator Economics

One of the biggest mistakes I think DS9 made in its run was presenting the Farengi economy like the 20th century Earth economy only with 'futury' sounding words. Oh, it's not platinum, it's 'latinum', a precious metal that for some reason we can not replicate and is never explained why it is considered so precious.

With the existance of replicators, shouldn't the entire structure of the economy have to be re-imagined? Why should somebody pay latinum for self sealing stembolts when they can just go to a replicator and make them? They could have had an entire episode detailing how the farengi became a huge economy because with the invention of the replicators they were the first to adapt to the new economic model.

Nog guffawed at the idea of trading for land, but in a world with no scarcity, wouldn't land be the most scarce good there is? Wouldn't they market non-replicated goods as 'luxury' items, or maybe even try to sell subscriptions to replicator plans instead of selling physical objects? Like, play five bars of latinum a month and you get to be the first ones to be able to replicate new items.

That seems like a major missed opportunity, that instead of trying to imagine a futuristic economy they did a simple word-swap on a modern one.
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