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Re: Fantasy Casting - Companions for 11 Doctors

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Three - Brigadier Benton
Benton can't become a Brigadier without rewriting most of British army regulations - he's not an officer (though I suppose there's someway he could get a field commission).
We don't have that many choices, though. Liz and Sarah Jane are gone. Can't stand Useless. The Brig is gone. There was something with Mike Yates ... being a traitor or something, so that rules him out. By default, Benton is pretty much the only possibility left. And since it's fantasy, and not reflecting what they will actually do over in Cardiff, I'm saying he's the new Brig.
Mike was one of the Operation Golden Age conspirators in Invasion of the Dinosaurs. After that the Doctor and the Brig arranged for him to get an honourable discharge on medical grounds (because of what had happened to him in Green Death), because they understood his reasons for it, even if they didn't agree. Which means he's still eligable for reserve service (honourable discharge).
On TV, he then redeemed himself a bit in Planet of the Spiders. And in semi-canon he's been recalled to UNIT duty at least once. Forgetting about the stage play Recall UNIT (also featuring Benton, but it's not entirely serious. Not even 10% serious, what with the Dalek Supreme helping UNIT foil the Master's plan to kidnap Margaret Thatcher), he been back in the BBC Audio 4th Doctor CDs, and in the most recent season headed the UNIT force working with another incarnation to take control of the situation in Hexford.
So, basically, there's a lot more semi-canon to let Mike come back with UNIT than there is for Benton... and they can both come back as civilians anyway!
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