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ENTER - Voyager AV contest: Caretaker/Harry's Women/Santa Claus

So, it's been awhile since we've had an Avatar contest on the Voyager board, since they faded away due to lack of interest. However, there's been interest expressed with the Enterprise AV contest crowd, so we'll give it another shot.

In jespah's words: Resistance is, like, bitchin'ly futile or somethin'.

But first, I did some digging and we'll give kudos to the winners way back in September.

So the Janeway golden blend coffee awards go to:

The Chute:




Fun on a Bun:

R. Star

Inflatable Neck Sac goes to:


That's right, we had to go all the way back three months to find a win for me! Now, for expediency since it's been that long I shall take the liberty of putting forth the new categories this once. Winners will pick the future categories as always in the future though.

Episode: Caretaker - With the reboot of the VOY AV contest, we'll start with the episode that started it all. Back when they had a full crew, Chakotay had a functioning spine and Harry hadn't annoyed everyone yet.

VOY Theme: Harry's Women - Poor Harry Kim, he's been rejected by lots of women on Voyager for a variety of pitiable, yet laughable reasons, and the few he has managed to hook up with gave him a disease to remember them by. So any of Harry's epic hologram fails, dead girlfriends, or wrong twins for this contest!

Random Theme: Santa Claus - It's the Holiday season, so let's ring in the holidays with pictures of every little kid's favorite holiday messenger!

As always standard rules apply, no larger than 150x150 and there's a size limit, but I don't recall what it was. I've never seen it raised as an issue though. Newcomers are welcome, and please feel free to ask any questions!
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