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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

I haven't posted about Trek here in ages... let alone in the TNG forum!

I just thought I'd drop by to say that the extended cut of Measure of a Man was interesting, but a lot of that editing just feels so dated. They probably could have trimmed a lot of those face reaction shots and sped the episode along a lot, even if it only effectively would be cutting a couple seconds or so of screen time.

That said, I was surprised that the episode didn't feel all that different with the extra 13 minutes or so. It still had the same beats as the original episode - it's just that the acts were extended slightly - so it still has the same structure. It makes me wonder if all TNG episodes would work if they were TOS episode length.

Anyway, I do like the fact that they included the "hybrid" cut, if only so you could see which scenes were new, but I am a bit frustrated that you can't watch the hybrid cut with the commentary. I don't think I'm interested enough in the episode to watch it three times... so I guess I'll just end up looking at a list of the new scenes on some wiki somewhere.

Looking forward to diving the rest of the set!
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