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Re: Season's Greetings! Early TOS & TAS toys and-

My Uhura doll (action figure) is standing on my bookshelf at this very moment.

I remember one Christmas when I got a bunch of other Star Trek action figures, Star Trek Intragalactic Puzzle Manual, a plastic spaceship, globe, and the Cosmos hardcover... I was one happy Trekker/space cadet/Carl Sagan fan!

Throughout the '70s (from 1975 on), I collected Blish books, Alan Dean Foster books, photonovels (got 'em all), and my dad gave me the TMP novelization for Christmas.

Now, 35+ years later... Santa, I would really like the Star Trek "Mr Potato Head" toys, and more fanzines. MOAR fanzines!!!

(anybody know where I can get Masiform-D # 18? Saurian Brandy Digest # 32, 34, 35?)
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