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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

And to be fair, while it's easy for us in the audience to go "Aaah, poor Regina, they hurt her feelings!", we should probably remember just how much hell Reginia has put them through over the years. Heck, by my reckoning, it's only been a few weeks or less, in Storybrooke time, since Regina tried to poison Emma, framed Mary Margaret for murder, murdered the hunky sheriff, locked Belle up in an asylum, etc. And that's not counting her various atrocities as the Wicked Queen back in Fairyland . . . .

As far as most of Storybrooke is concerned, they're like "Are you serious? You're actually worried about hurting Idi Amin's feelings? The woman rips hearts out with her bare hands, cursed the entire town, murdered her own father, and you want to invite her to a family dinner because, at the last moment, she decided not to risk killing Snow and Emma?"
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