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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

The bit where "kes" says to Tuvok "you want her, she's been inside you mind, she knows you want her and she's too polite to call you on it, but we could have a fantastic time together." (or sentiments to that effect) was totally a set up for a pon far episode.

He's been married to the same woman for decades, and isn't going to see her for decades still, boffing a creature with a 9 year life expectancy would be like a self cleaning affair, if they didn't mind meld during sex and share souls while they share bodies... Which really makes you consider that Vulcans during Archers time were just having halfsex if they didn't have a telepathic component attached to their coitus.

Can Vulcans telepathically erase sections of their own memory to hide affairs from their spouse?

I wonder if he ever bothered to tell the wife to get checked for the Space syphilis he discovered he was riddled with in Flashback.


The last moments of Lon Suders life?

Did his syphilis flare up?

That would be a fantastic four second clip to add to a special edition of Basics Part II.

Lon trying to save the girl falling off a cliff.
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