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Re: Starship water landing

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I imagine a starship could go into an ocean much deeper than a submarine, especially with shields and a structural integrity field in place.

But in a disastrous situation where the ship is in total freefall tumble and has no forcefield protection, if she hits the ocean like a brick, she may suffer some extensive structural damage, IMO, possibly even losing a nacelle during the impact. The worst-case scenario could be even the shearing off of the saucer section (with the connecting dorsal) from the lower stardrive section depending on the angle she hits the water, IMO.
Hmm, good point. The neck is her weakest point. That, the front of the saucer, and the deflector would see the most damage, I'd guess.

Then again, this is the ship that was built on Earth, went into Titan's atmosphere, and pulled-out of a black hole. She may just come out of the water looking even more shiny (wear sunglasses for those lens flares)!
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