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Re: Quinto Gives An Exclusive "Star Trek Into Darkness" Preview

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Not funny, Quinto.
oh it was too
Normally I would agree. I too believe some fans are being far too impatient with the marketing and promotion of ST XII to begin. I trust they know what they are doing and if they don't, it's on them.

My problem here is... I bought into it; hook, line and sinker. I seriously thought we were going to get a bone - instead I only got boned.

Okay, you're right. It was funny.
I'm going to guess that the idea for the bit was something Conan cooked up, and they whipped it together almost on-the-spot. I can also easily see Quinto going along with the gag after having been asked over and over the same list of questions he's contractually forbidden to answer; it would have to be at least a little cathartic for him, at this point.
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