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Re: A great way to spend 55 minutes

It's working!!

We've been watching DS9 like crazy lately and she's been loving it. I've been reading the first Typhon Pact book and that gave me the idea to show her "Statistical Probabilities" and "Chrysalis"- she loved those two. And then that same night she wanted to watch the one were Worf and Jadzia get married, but I urged her to watch the one where they first hook up... so we watched "Looking for Par'Mach..." and "You Are Cordially Invited..." She also loved both of those. After watching those four episodes she actually said, "Ya know, I might like DS9 better than Next Gen. It seems like the characters have better stories." !!!! That's huge! Next Gen has always been the *one* Star Trek show she likes!

She actually requested to watch DS9 last night. She wanted to go back and start watching the earlier episodes so I wouldn't have to continually pause the episode and explain what's going on... so last night we watched "Past Prologue", "Babel" and "Captive Pursuit." (I skipped "A Man Alone" because I loath it) I was nervous that she wouldn't like the season one episodes, but she enjoyed them.

I'm going to stop urging her to watch DS9 and see if she asks to watch more on her own. I'm having a blast!

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Try the Visitor, that episode will emotionally pull on anyone's heartstrings.
"The Visitor" would be a bad call at this time, unfortunately. She lost her dad to cancer a few months ago. I fear that episode might pull on the heartstrings a bit too hard right now.
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