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Re: Starship water landing

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I have many huge issues with the JJ-Trek, but this sounds fine to me. I've always imagined hulls of the starships to be incredibly durable, especially with structural integrity fields. These ships sometimes survive several photon torpedoes without their shields being up. Compared to a huge anti-matter explosions, some water splashing against the hull will be nothing. Saucer of Ent-D seemed to handle the impact against the ground pretty well. The bigger structures seemed to remain intact, they mostly broke windows and some hullplating.
We never saw the underside of the saucer. I imagine that ended up in a pretty bad shape ("The Enterprise herself cannot be salvaged.")

We've also seen the damage a semi-functioning ship can sustain (and deal) when 1701-E ran head-first into the Scimitar.
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