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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Remember when fans didn't like Carl? What I like is that, not only have they changed his character, it is in a well-written, in-universe gradual way, instead of some cheap he's suddenly traumatized despite having been living through it all this time. Much appreciation for the writing, acting, and directing!!
Yep! Carl really annoyed me last season but this season he's been brilliant.[/quote]

If the previews are any indicator, he will return to annoying mode for two reasons:

1. The clip of Carl asking Rick to stop being the leader. Of course context could be lost not seeing the scenes leading up to it, but its a bait clip for a reason.

2. The clip of Beth--Carl's crush--kissing Rick. Again, even that could be innocent, but i'm guessing it will spark father and son conflict.

I laughed at Axel talking with Carol
Yeah--her mocking little smile at his lesbian assumption was priceless.
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