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Re: USS Enterprise inactivation ceremony

Hum, this makes me curious. Summarizing the ship linneages seen in various episodes or movies:

Enterprise: Sailing ship, CV-65, Shuttle, NX-01. (a fifth sketch of CV-6 was made but not used)

TMP: Sailing ship, CV-6, Shuttle, Ringship, pre-refit TOS Enterprise.

E-D: CVN-65 and five Enterprises, E-nil through E-D. Note that none of these are especially detailed (for example CVN-65 has the right island tower, but a non-angled deck that could be CV-6) so one MIGHT forgive the E-B differences, but not the E-C.

E-E (First Contact): Six Enterprises, E-nil through E-E

E-E (Nemesis): Same thing (same models, stacked up on one side of the main display)

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Oh, I like that Trek thing too...
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