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Re: My first voyage with Voyager


On no, a “Neelix” version of Risa…with Kim and Paris making additions…. How cheesy? I was too happy when Janeway called them to the bridge. I am not sure how much more of Neelix’s feet I could take!!

VOY beams some aliens aboard who almost died in a crash, and one of them takes Kes’ body over. “Kes” helps the two aliens overthrow Janeway and stole a craft. An official representative of the Ilari beams onto VOY and explains the situation to the crew. Tieran “Kes’ bodysnatcher” is trying to kill members of the government in Autarch. Kes makes a great creepy fella. Lien’s acting was superb; a very different perspective then Kes!

Why would a warlord want servants who cover their faces? I think security over-rules subservience. Tieran uses Kes’ telepathic capabilities to tap into Tuvok’s mind. Tieran tries to seduce Tuvok in Kes’ body, and we even get to see a very disturbing kiss. There is an interesting scene where we see Tieran and Kes as two separate bodies fighting against each other within each other (if that makes sense). They were arguing back and forth over who was going to overpower who. The Tieran “Kes” introduces her/his new husband and indicates that they would be a threesome with his previous wife. At the engagement party Janeway and crew overtake the “bad guys” and set Kes free. Kes figures out that Tieran went into a different body and she actually kills his mind/him.

This was a weird episode. I don’t think I acutally liked it that much; at least not the story line. Lien’s acting was great though (it is Lien right?). Maybe, it was just a tough act to follow after Future's End. Those two were so great this one just seemed a bit off.

Favorite part: Lien’s acting.

Least favorite part: Body-snatching; it is just rude!
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