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Re: Best and worst examples of diplomacy in Star Trek

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Best: Sisko in In The Pale Moonlight. (But also the worst )
That wasn't diplomacy, that was dirty tricks. But it was made necessary by one of the most catastrophic failures of Fed diplomacy: bungling the wormhole situation with the Dominion.

Dominion: don't use the wormhole, the GQ (or at least the part of it the wormhole leads into) is our territory, which we plan to defend with maximum violence.

Feds: STFU, we do as we please. Bring it on, gumbies.

Romulans: WTF, what about us? if the Doms get mad at you, they won't be too selective who they hit. We're blowing up that wormhole before anyone, namely us, gets hurt.

Feds: Those sneaky Rommies! We sure put a stop to their nefarious scheme to protect the Alpha Quadrant.

Romulans, to Cardassians: The Feds are being their usual idiotic selves. This leaves no choice but to handle the situation on our own by a first strike, thus proving that they're not the only idiots around.

...and we all know what happened as a result. The gumbies must have wondered what they did to deserve a quadrant full of Keystone Kops as neighbors.
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